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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Opera House dream...

Last night, I had a dream that I was back at the Sarasota Opera House doing Lil' Abner and since I had a significant break until I was onstage again, I went to go look around the Opera house, of course, in my dream, the opera house looked completely different that it actually is but I seemed to know where I was going. I was still in my costume, but I was wearing one of the costumes that I wore when I did the show when I was 12, but it was when I did it this time around. The first time I was walking through the opera house, I think it was one of the usher's but someone told me that I wasn't allowed to walk around the theatre and that I needed to stay backstage. So I go backstage and just chill in my dressing room (even though I didn't have a dressing room the 2nd time I did the show). Then a few minutes later I go walking around the opera house again to see if I could discover an area I'd never seen before. The opera house staff and usher's keep telling me that I need to go backstage and I keep trying to find my way, but I can't get backstage, I knew I get backstage through the house but the performance is going on and I can't just walk in the house and walk onstage during the performance. So I'm just wandering around the opera house not knowing how to get back. I keep trying to ask how to get back but people just keep ignoring me or I can't seem to sum up the courage to ask them. Then through the house doors, I here the scene start that I'm supposed to be in but I still can't find my way backstage, so I just leave the theatre and leave my things there and walk home, absolutely discouraged.