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Sunday, November 13, 2011

What am I doing wrong?

I think I must be doing something wrong because I have honestly lost count of how many applications I've put in over the last few years and I have yet to get one interview. Am I not filling out the applications right? Am I not making the right impression when I pick up an application and turn it in? When I do the application process in person, I always try to look nice, act professionally and make positive conversation, maybe throw in a joke or two. I admit, my social skills aren't the best, but I always try.

I have filled out mock applications with friends and family and they say I'm doing everything correctly and that my resume is fine, considering my lack of work experience. I know the economy isn't the best right now but how does that constitute not even getting one interview since I turned 18? It's honestly frustrating. I am grateful that I am able to live with my mom because otherwise I would be living on the streets. I acknowledge how blessed I am but I have to wonder if I'll ever be able to stand up on my own two feet. I'm not saying that I want to be a millionaire (but I wouldn't complain), I just want to be able to have the possibility of knowing that I would be able to live on my own, pay the bills, pay the rent, just the stuff that needs to get paid.It's just really frustraiting.

In other news, I thinking of doing daily vlogs again if I can get another camera. Unfortunately the one I was using went missing. Not sure what happened to it. I think it was stolen at this point but I'm hoping I will be able to buy a  new one. There is a DSLR and a point and shoot that I want but I'm just hoping for the Point and shoot right now. We shall see what happens.