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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Camp Paranormal (March 1-7, 2013)

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to "Camp Paranormal" in North Carolina with the Paranormal Research Society. At Camp Paranormal, we learned how to conduct investigations, research as well as some cryptzoology,  parapsychology and some energy work. While I know we just barely scratched the surface on so many things, it's given me a place to start in regards to my research.

While I was there, I was assigned the FIR (Field investigation and research) house, which was led by Ryan Buell. Each house was given their own cabin and we had specific classes we needed to take that was associated with our house. If we had some free time and there was a class going on that didn't conflict with our required classes, we could take that class if we desired too.

In FIR, we were able to go over a case (from one of the episodes) as if we were investigating it ourselves. The episode was "Devil's hostage" on Paranormal State but PRS called the case "the Masque." It was a learning experience for sure and have a general idea of how to get the investigation process started.

We also had Adam Sedlock join up and he did a few lectures that covered good vs. evil, psychopathy, parapsychology and clinical illness. His lectures were incredibly informative and just a great person to talk too in general. Of course we had classes with the PRS team as well. Some of what we covered was some history of the paranormal, history of spiritualism & investigation 101, analyzing evp's, photo and video evidence, psychology and the paranormal, as well as some other classes. We even had a class on surviving the zombie apocalypse that Chris taught. While it was very entertaining, it was also very informative.

We did do a few investigations as well. We investigated the Field of dreams, the dining hall, one of the Yurts as well as Cabin 10 at Camp Rockfish. I think a few people had some interesting locations at the different locations but I personally didn't experience anything except for some possible wisps out in the Field of dreams. We did have an interesting experience with a buck deer too! Which was crazy!

I am planning on going to Camp Paranormal 2 in June. Which should be even better than CP 1!!!!!!!!!! If you are interested in going to CP 2, Click here for more info! It really is an amazing time and you'll learn a hell of a lot.