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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Deacon pat

Due to moving, school, work and just being busy, I have not had an internet connection since my last blog post nor have I had the time. A couple days after my last post, I did meet with one of the deacons of the church I have been attending and discussed why I wanted to convert. I simply told him that I have always been interested in the Catholic faith and I felt lead (or convicted, however you prefer to say it) to go through the conversion process. Even if I don't end up converting, I know that my faith will be stronger. That is what I told him. He said that was the most honest answer he had heard in a while. Which surprised me. He said most people convert simply because their significant other is Catholic and he or she wants their partner to be Catholic.

The Deacon also gave me a little lesson, to "tide me over" till R.I.C.A. Starts, he basically talked about how
the Catholic Saints are like yoda and Obi-Wan kenobi and the "leadership" of the force so to speak. While he is praying he prays to the Saints to pray with him to God on whatever his prayer request is, and that "force" is something he can rely on to answer his prayers accordingly. Of course if it's Gods will.

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