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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Well, hello. Here's a blog that I hardly ever post on. Why you ask? I have no clue. It just feels weird to me at the moment to even be writing a blog because with blogger or even tumblr, you can't make these posts private to where only your friends can see them. Which I feel is very odd. If that's a strange way of thinking then so be it. I journal every day and I talk to my best friend on a daily basis, mainly via text and skype every few days. I post pictures on my facebook and instagram of important events. Sometimes I even vlog and post it on youtube to share. I'm spread across so many social media sites including facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram, myspace, google plus, youtube and pinterest, that I never focus my thoughts in one place.

I admit, I don't have much of a social life at the moment. I like to hide behind my computer screen or have my face in a book. Probably more so than most. Gotta love social anxiety! I try and get out every once in a while but it's hard for me to do. I find myself making plans and then making an excuse as to why I can't go. This is something I'm trying to work on. I see my therapist twice a week and she is absolutely fantastic. I'm not agoraphobic because I'm able to go to the grocery store, ride the bus and travel. Just social interaction isn't my strong suite.

I may or may not post here more. I'm not sure yet. I used to blog frequently when myspace was popular but I fell out of the habit and never got back into it. I used to post on livejournal a lot more as well but haven't logged on in months. I'd like to write about my experiences thus far with my mental health issues. Although I'm wary about revealing personal information on any public forum. Especially with past trauma that I've had. I just want to help educate others. I don't claim to be a mental health professional though. I've considered vlogging about it on my youtube channel but it's difficult me to express myself verbally and I'm more confident in regards to writing than I am speaking.

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