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Friday, January 6, 2012

Thinking things out...

I think tonight has really been the first night that I've started to get serious about my youtube channels and trying to find work. I'm hoping that I can start applying for around 10 jobs a day and start rolling in the interviews and actually get something soon and with school starting Monday. That may hinder that slightly but I am only taking 2 classes at twice a week. So that isn't too bad. I'm just getting somewhat frustrated with the job search because I haven't gotten even an interview yet and I need the work.

Now with my youtube channels, my main channel at least, I'm working on some videos to start posting but I'm trying to decide what my upload schedule should be. I'm thinking Friday mornings. I already do daily vlogs on my vlog channel. I just want some sort of schedule on my other channel so people can expect a video every week and come back. I don't really do it for the views or the money at all, I just want to put useful video and videos that will make people think, inspirational videos and reviews and stuff. And the only way people are going to see that is if I get more views I guess. *lol*

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